Dog Joy – Volume 1 Contributing Authors

Caroline Capuzzi, publisher of Dog Joy, would like to thank the following individuals (and their pups) who were Contributing Authors in this first volume of Dog Joy.  Without their support and story, Dog Joy would have never been published.

  • Mark Balbach and Mona Lisa
  • Phil Brakefield and Roxy
  • Kris Murray and Simba
  • Sandra McGuckin and Soli
  • Victoria Collier and Joey Guacamole
  • MaryBeth Yannessa and Cado
  • Katherine Molnar-Kimber and Sophie
  • Amanda White and Kahlua
  • Madison & Brian Bacak and Zeus
  • Mike Caldwell and Willy
  • David Lee and Minnie
  • Jase Souder and Napa
  • Steve Sipress and Emanuel
  • Lynn Horner Baker and Calvin
  • Jeff Giagnocavo and Gizmo
  • Dr. Ivan Carney and Dodie
  • Michael Gravette and Rusty
  • Sherman Ragland and Bruno
  • Francine Love and Cartwright
  • Bob Arnold and Sophie
  • Leslie Elhai and Dixie
  • Jennifer Lee and Jager
  • Frank Zuniga and Prince
  • Dwight 0. Chandler and Pearl & Mattie
  • Nina Drumsta and Milly & Rufus


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  1. Bob Arnold on October 1, 2018 at 6:54 am

    This is a phenomenal concept for a book that honors rescue dogs and their owners. Thanks to Caroline for conceiving and publishing it. There are many stories inside its covers that show the love and care that is shared between a dog and its owner–especially, the rescue dog.

    This is a worthwhile purchase to share with friends and family & every purchase helps the dog rescues noted inside.

    ONward, Bob Arnold

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